Date of Invention: Original Design 1987, Enhanced Design 2012

The Valvublator is an 8FR deflecting tip catheter with a special tip for decalcifying and cell sodding heart valve leaflets so a patient may keep their own heart valve instead of getting an implant.


Decalcifies + Cell Sods + Regenerates + Surface Modifies + Strengthens

= Rebuilds heart valve leaflets and orifice utilizing a patient’s own cells.

Dental Burr at Tip – For cleaning plaque from leaflets and valve ring orifice
Ultrasound Transmitter – For cleaning calcification plaque from leaflets and viewiing
Electrical Energy Transmitter – For causing heart valve leaflets to release SDF-1 (a homing signal for stem cells) to increase leaflet strength and to enhance healing after procedure.
Infusion Lumen – For cleaning plaque from leaflets with biologically compatible solvent like liquids and for clearing area for viewing
Optical Lens Viewing Port – For viewing the cleaning, cell sodding and healing procedures
Micro needle Tip – For injecting cells into leaflets to reinforce their strength
Spaying apparatus tip – For spraying heart valve leaflets with healing gel after treatment