Date of Invention: Original Design 1987, Enhanced Design 2012

The Valvublator is an 8FR deflecting tip catheter with a special tip for decalcifying and cell sodding heart valve leaflets so a patient may keep their own heart valve instead of getting an implant.


Decalcifies + Cell Sods + Regenerates + Surface Modifies + Strengthens

= Rebuilds heart valve leaflets and orifice utilizing a patient’s own cells.

Dental Burr at Tip – For cleaning plaque from leaflets and valve ring orifice
Ultrasound Transmitter – For cleaning calcification plaque from leaflets and viewiing
Electrical Energy Transmitter – For causing heart valve leaflets to release SDF-1 (a homing signal for stem cells) to increase leaflet strength and to enhance healing after procedure.
Infusion Lumen – For cleaning plaque from leaflets with biologically compatible solvent like liquids and for clearing area for viewing
Optical Lens Viewing Port – For viewing the cleaning, cell sodding and healing procedures
Micro needle Tip – For injecting cells into leaflets to reinforce their strength
Spaying apparatus tip – For spraying heart valve leaflets with healing gel after treatment


Valvulblator is developing its product in three delivery platforms. All three feature 3 part decalcification + decalcification prevention + regeneration technologies in sequence


Surgical Valvublator

for cardio thoracic surgeons.

Minimally Invasive Catheter Valvublator

for interventional cardiologists.

Non-Invasive External Valvublator

for cardiologists and doctors offices and perhaps home use for some re-calcificaiton prevention signals ie; klotho.
Valvublator Surgical Ultrasonic and Vibrational Energy Decalcifier
Valvublator Biologically Safe Solvent (citric acid) Decalcifier and Valve Treatment Composition Delivery System Surgical Version to Avoid Recalcification
Note – To reduce development time, cost and speed to clinic the Valvublator team utilizes where-ever and when-ever possible readily available components and devices. We believe this is just plain smart. Our surgical decalcification device is adapted from a dental plaque scaler. Our vibrational energy device intended for bulk calcification removal is adapted from an vibrational energy engraving device normally used to etch words on silverware. Our citric acid pulse jet sprayer finishing device in early stage testing for dissolving and washing away last remnants of calcified material from the heart valves is adapted from a Water Pik TM device used in cleaning plaque from teeth crevices. The citric acid itself is simply lemon juice acquired from a well known supplier (it works for dissolving soft calcification deposits and seems to be safe in low volumes). Our bioelectric protein expression basket catheter is adapted from a EP basket catheter that has been on the market and used on thousands of hearts with success and is well known to the FDA. Our embolic filters are adapted from filters already developed by others for capturing emboli fragments during surgical or TAVR procedures. This method of innovation is foundational to our core principle to not re-invent a wheel unless absolutely necessary. Fundamental to keeping the cost and time for developing a new product lower which we hope translates to better and more rapid returns to all stakeholders.

Our bioelectric stimulator made in Anaheim, California on an OEM private label basis for us has FDA 510K market clearance for improving blood circulation, muscle healing, improvement of muscle motion, pain relief, preventing thrombosis in certain circumstances and joint treatment. Our supplier has had an earlier version of this product on the market since the 1950’s primarily for muscle healing applications in sports medicine. We re-programmed this existing stimulator with our bioelectric signals for stem cell homing, myogenesis and arteriogenesis that all fell within the range of frequencies, wave forms, voltages and amperages (micro current) already cleared by the FDA. Once again utilizing readily a readily available device partially re-purposed this application of use. Innovation done the smart way.


Valvublator SWOT Analysis

Valvublator II Video Valvublator Core Pitches > 1.  Helping patients keep their own heart valve instead of getting a cow, pig, steel or plastic implant. 2.  Intervening early to de-calcify and regenerate heart valves BEFORE they are so degraded that a foreign...

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