Date of Invention: Original Design 1987, Enhanced Design 2012

The Valvublator is an 8FR deflecting tip catheter with a special tip for decalcifying and cell sodding heart valve leaflets so a patient may keep their own heart valve instead of getting an implant.


Decalcifies + Cell Sods + Regenerates + Surface Modifies + Strengthens

= Rebuilds heart valve leaflets and orifice utilizing a patient’s own cells.

Dental Burr at Tip – For cleaning plaque from leaflets and valve ring orifice
Ultrasound Transmitter – For cleaning calcification plaque from leaflets and viewiing
Electrical Energy Transmitter – For causing heart valve leaflets to release SDF-1 (a homing signal for stem cells) to increase leaflet strength and to enhance healing after procedure.
Infusion Lumen – For cleaning plaque from leaflets with biologically compatible solvent like liquids and for clearing area for viewing
Optical Lens Viewing Port – For viewing the cleaning, cell sodding and healing procedures
Micro needle Tip – For injecting cells into leaflets to reinforce their strength
Spaying apparatus tip – For spraying heart valve leaflets with healing gel after treatment


Valvulblator is developing its product in three delivery platforms. All three feature 3 part decalcification + decalcification prevention + regeneration technologies in sequence


Surgical Valvublator

for cardio thoracic surgeons.

Minimally Invasive Catheter Valvublator

for interventional cardiologists.

Non-Invasive External Valvublator

for cardiologists and doctors offices and perhaps home use for some re-calcificaiton prevention signals ie; klotho.
Valvublator Surgical Ultrasonic and Vibrational Energy Decalcifier
Valvublator Biologically Safe Solvent (citric acid) Decalcifier and Valve Treatment Composition Delivery System Surgical Version to Avoid Recalcification


Valvublator SWOT Analysis

Valvublator II Video Valvublator Core Pitches > 1.  Helping patients keep their own heart valve instead of getting a cow, pig, steel or plastic implant. 2.  Intervening early to de-calcify and regenerate heart valves BEFORE they are so degraded that a foreign...

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