Heart Valve Regeneration

Causes Stimulated Tissues to Release SDF-1 and Follistatin which Causes Stem Cells to Home to Site and Forms New Smooth Muscle.

Valvublator is designed to help patients keep their own heart valve instead of getting a pig, cow, plastic or steel artificial implant!

Catheter based and non-invasive systems to decalcify and regenerate heart valves with precise bioelectric signaling sequences and precision focused ultrasonic energy.


Decalcifies + Cell Sods + Regenerates + Surface Modifies + Strengthens

= Rebuilds heart valve leaflets and orifice utilizing a patient’s own cells.

Full real time optical and echo viewing to guide valve repair.

Embolitic fragment protection throughout procedure.

Combination of:

1. Mechanical burr cleaning with controllable deflecting tip.
2. Ultrasonic cleaning.
3. Biochemical safe solvent cleaning.
4. Vacuum removal of debris.
5. Cell sodding micro needles.
6. Microcurrent regeneration signal = recruits stem cells with homing signal and differentiates them to valve tissue.
7. Spay-on scaffolding for rebuilding highly damaged leaflets.
8. Full optical, ultrasound or echo viewing of valve repair field of view real time.

Degenerative Mitral Stenosis: Unmet Need for Percutaneous Interventions

Valvublator’s 4 Step Process to Total Heart Valve Regeneration

The future is non-invasive heart valve decalcification and regeneration and Valvublator plans to lead the way!


3 stage decalcification cleaning

(1) vibrating burr + (2) ultrasonic + (20 biologically safe solvent (citric acid) all via same guiding catheter.

reduce risk of re-calcification

Treat valve with special spray (confidential composition at this time) on composition following decalcification to reduce risk of re-calcificatio

Regenerate valve by recruiting stem cells

and releasing other regenerative proteins with bioelectric signaling that starts as invasive catheter electrode placements for first treatments and then transitions to non-invasive treatments over a course of about 12 to 20 weeks.

Prevent re-calcification

by monthly @ home stimulation 30 minutes of thigh muscle with non-invasive gel electrodes to release beneficial proteins such as klotho. Our patent pending bioelectric signaling sequences developed at our lab in Utah increase Klotho expression by up to 480%.

New Paradigm = Decalcify and Regenerate Heart Valves BEFORE a cow, pig, plastic, steel or cadaver implant is needed!

We believe our minimally invasive or non-invasive decalcification and regeneration product will be used in the future to decalcify and regenerate heart valves BEFORE they get so diseased that a pig, cow, cadaver, steel or plastic implant is needed. Just like we go to the dentist early now to clean our teeth BEFORE plaque and disease gets too advanced requiring a dental tooth implant.

Introducing Valvublator II Simplified Design

Original Valvublator I Design

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