Valvublator Heart Valve Regeneration Endovascular Catheter

Causes Stimulated Tissues to Release SDF-1 and Follitstatin which Causes Stem Cells to Home to Site and Forms New Smooth Muscle 


Heart valve macro- and microstructure – Click Here

Revolutionary Catheter Based Technology to Allow Patients to Keep Their Own Heart Valves Instead of Getting an Artificial Implant

Decalcifies   +   Cell Sods   +  Regenerates  +  Surface Modifies  +  Strengthens

= Rebuilds heart valve leaflets and orifice utilizing a patient’s own cells.

Full real time optical and echo viewing to guide valve repair.

Embolitic fragment protection throughout procedure.

Combination of…

1.  Mechanical burr cleaning with controllable deflecting tip.
2.  Ultrasonic cleaning.
3.  Biochemical safe solvent cleaning.
4.  Vacuum removal of debris.
5.  Cell sodding micro needles.
6.  Microcurrent regeneration signal = recruits stem cells with homing signal and differentiates them to valve tissue.
7.  Spay-on scaffolding for rebuilding highly damaged leaflets.
8.  Full optical, ultrasound or echo viewing of valve repair field of view real time.

VALVUBLATOR from Calx Stars Business Accelerator on Vimeo.

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